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Oversized cargo transportation

Among all transportation services offered by "TGS 2000", special attention is paid to automobile transportation of oversized cargo from Europe to Kazakhstan and Middle Asia countries. Oversized cargoes is unique, the most complex kind of carriage of cargoes by road. Therefore, all participants in the process of organization and transport of such cargoes should have extensive knowledge, skills and experience. In addition to the requirements for rolling stock, to take into account the safety of the service, and take into account the capacity and limitations of transport routes throughout the repetition of oversized cargo.

 The main features of oversized cargoes are as follows:

  • the company organizing the transport of oversized cargo has special place for loading / unloading;
  • availability of specialized vehicles, consistent with the established standards;
  • presence (or possibility of manufacturing) of a special attachment for the oversized cargo;
  • accuracy when loading / unloading and transportation of oversized cargo.

 Transport company "TGS 2000" during the organization and implementation of transportation of oversized cargo carries out the following list of services:

  • characterization of the cargoes, the method of loading and unloading and the necessary means of mechanization;
  • select the most suitable type of vehicle to capacity, carrying capacity and cost of transportation;
  • preplanning mounting and placement techniques on vehicles;
  • Preparation and production of special and additional means of attachment of the cargoes;
  • calculation of axle loads of vehicles;
  • definition and elaboration of the optimal route of cargo;
  • development of the necessary documentation for the harmonization of the route of the vehicle with oversized cargo;
  • harmonization of transport of oversized cargo with road police and obtaining necessary permits;
  • clearance specials. permissions for each country within the transit route for transportation of oversized cargo;
  • organization support of oversized cargo in transit special machine cover (the presence of a flashing beacon);
  • organization and control of loading and unloading operations, if necessary, shelter the cargoes;
  • implementation of the customs clearance of cargo in the territory of CIS countries and the European Union;
  • according to the customer our specialists will exercise full or partial insurance of oversized cargo.