Transshipment at Polish-Belarusian Border

Cargos that are transported by rail from Europe to Kazakhstan are to be transshipped from European narrow-gauge wagons to broad-gauge wagons . The transshipment is performed at special terminals. Cargos from trucks to railway wagons are transshipped there too. One of the largest terminals is situated in Brest (Belarus). The work is performed here by qualified specialists using modern handling equipment. Transgroup company has its own branch in Brest. During the transshipment process our specialists are monitoring the work and guarantee high-quality performance. 
Our specialists perform the following tasks during transshipment process: 
- receipt of goods at the terminal; 
- preparation of wagons for specific cargos; 
- organization of unloading from European wagons and trucks; 
- loading to wagons; 
- sealing of loaded wagons and dispatch to the consignee.

Our specialists guarantee efficiency, quality and safety of cargos.

The aim is hardly pursued by companies that make use of intermediaries in transshipment, companies that have no representatives at the terminal.

We possess practical experience of transshipment of wide range of cargos: building materials (mineral cotton, gypsum plasterboard, paint-and-lacquer materials, particle board, plate glass, ceramic tile), packaging materials (bottles, metal barrels, plastic containers) laminated plastic, food and alcohol (wine in bottles, canned food), equipment and machines, cars and cranes.

 Such well-known companies as Kronopol and Pfleiderer staying in business cooperation with us, have already admitted the advantages of using our rail transportation services.