Transportation of wood-based panel

Transport company TGS 2000 provides international rail transport of cargoes from Europe and Russia to Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Among all the cargoes carried a special place is given to wooden boards (particleboard, chipboard).

TGS 2000 provides a full range of services for the delivery of wood-based materials from Europe and the CIS in Kazakhstan:

  • Free consultations on all matters of transportation of wood-based materials; ;
  • rapid calculation of rates and preparation of all necessary documents;
  • order the necessary rolling stock;
  • provide overload of eurocars in broad-gauge cars at border crossings;
  • provision of services in customs clearance of cargoes;
  • implementation of the payment of freight charges on export-import and transit of cargoes within Europe and the CIS;
  • providing the client all the information about the process of transportation (photo with overdrive, providing information on the whereabouts of the cargo).

The process of transport of wood-based materials is as follows:

  • arrived eurocars with plates are prepared for unloading;
  • at the transshipment terminal before loading the domestic cars go through the necessary preparations for the further successful transport of cargoes;
  • overload specialists begin unloading from eurocars and loading into wagons domestic;
  • as far as domestic cars are free, domestic cars are filled with cargo, if necessary, specialists TGS2000 more tightly fix the plates in packages;
  • packaging with plates securely fastened in the wagons, and the available voids occupy special impeding the shift of the packaging, construction, all of which guarantees the integrity and safety of the cargo during transportation to the terminal;
  • then, carefully loaded cars are sent to the consignee.

Transport company TGS 2000 transporting cargoes of Kronopol, Egger, Tarkett, Kronotex, Classen, Knauf, Kronos companies.