Transportation of perfume and cosmetics

Transport company TGS2000 (Almaty) is engaged in transportation of cargoes from Europe to Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Some of the cargoes we deliver are the perfumes and cosmetics. Employees TGS2000 have extensive experience in transportation of perfumery and cosmetics by road, rail, and in containers.

Transportation of perfumery and cosmetic products have the following features: 
1. need to respect a certain temperature; 
2. availability of certificates and permits to transport / transit perfume and cosmetics containing the volatile chemical elements that relate to dangerous cargoes or precursors (substances frequently used in the production, manufacture, processing of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances included in the List of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances and their precursors); 
3. because the cargo belongs to small containerboard, you must have a certificate for each position; 
4. need to prevent theft, especially when reloading products.

Company TGS2000 provides a full range of services on transportation of perfumery and cosmetic products:

  • vehicle or container supply for loading the sender in Europe;
  • delivery of cargo by road to the temporary storage warehouse (TSW) at the stations of Brest-North or Malaszewicze;
  • transhipment of cargo from the car to TSW;
  • storage of the cargoes at the TSW;
  • wagons or the filing of 40-cc and 20-foot containers for shipment;
  • loading of cargo in wagons or containers;
  • loading the container on the platform;
  • delivery of cargo to the recipient.

Employees also perform all the necessary paperwork:

  • registration of IARS;(International Agreement about Railway Service);
  • re-registration documents and check that the necessary certificates;
  • freight charges on the territories of European countries, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan;
  • customs duties on the border;
  • transit declaration;
  • information services (photo overdrive, providing information on the whereabouts of the cargo).

In the carriage of perfume and cosmetics company TGS2000 can ensure delivery to the warehouse containers from multiple senders and send general cargo to the recipient's address. Either the producers themselves can deliver the cargo at the bonded warehouses in Malaszewicze or Brest-Nord, where the products will be overloaded in the car or container. In addition, for small shipments, the company is able to provide 3-and 5-ton containers.