Transportation of household appliances

Transport company TGS2000 provides a full range of services for transportation of various cargoes from Europe to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Central Asia. Employees TGS2000 have extensive experience in the transportation of household appliances by road and rail, as well as in containers.

Transportation of household appliances has the following features: 
1. need to use cars with increased capacity, as home appliances is easy volume control; 
2. need for the presence of the surveyor when reloading; 
3. need to prevent theft, especially when reloading products, as well as household appliances refers to the packaged unit loads.

 Expanded network of branches in the CIS countries and Europe, allows the company TGS2000 provide its customers a full range of services for the transportation of household appliances:

  • vehicle or container supply for loading the sender in Europe ;
  • delivery of cargo by road to the station Brest-North or Malaszewicze;
  • wagons supply for loading;
  • transshipment of cargo from trucks to cars;
  • delivery of cargo to the recipient.

Company TGS2000 has the latest information on the tariff policies of various countries, which enables us to offer clients flexible and competitive tariffs for freight, as well as reliable service and quick calculation of tariffs. Employees also perform all the necessary paperwork:

  • registration of IARS;(International Agreement about Railway Service)(according to the scheme from truck in the car at the border checkpoint);
  • re-registration of transport documents and check the necessary certificates and permits;
  • freight charges on the territories of European countries, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan;
  • customs duties on the border;
  • transit declaration;
  • permit to change the route of transportation (if necessary); ;
  • information services (photo overload, daily reporting on the whereabouts of the cargo).