Transportation of fodder

Transport company "TGS 2000" carries out international carriage of cargoes by all modes of transport, including cargo, requiring compliance with certain rules and conditions of carriage (temperature, ventilation) and obtaining permits for transportation. These cargoes include pet food: dry pet food in bags and boxes and canned food in jars.

 Animal feed transportation can be carried by all modes of transport in accordance with the rules of cargo transportation, valid for a specific type of transport. In this case, vehicles must be clean, dry and disinfected. When loading the feed in the vehicle, as well as reloading from one vehicle to another or to the warehouse, you must provide an environment that preserve cargo from moisture. Temperature conditions of food is established individually, in accordance with the rules of a particular cargo transport. Specific requirements are placed on the carriage of motor vehicles and rolling stock, which must meet sanitary requirements.

 Employees "TGS 2000" have extensive experience in transportation of animal feed from countries of Europe and America to Kazakhstan and Central Asia. It uses the following scheme of delivery:

  1. food delivered by road to a warehouse in Poland, Latvia or Belarus (in these countries are our partner-companies), which are loaded into railroad cars and sent to recipients;
  2. food delivered by sea to the port of Riga, and then loaded into railroad cars;
  3. feed delivered in the Euro-wagons on freight terminals in Poland and Belarus, where the cars are loaded in the broad gauge and sent to recipients.