Transportation of beer and beverages from Europe

Transport Company LLP TGS2000 "provides a wide range of carriage of cargoes by all modes of transport in international traffic. A special place in the nomenclature of the cargoes transported is given to beer, non-alcoholic and soft drinks in bottles and cans.

There are the following features when transporting drinks by rail: 
1. beer and drinks - is a delicate and perishable cargoes; 
2. it is necessary to observe the temperature, so the transport of beer and beverages must be in a special rolling stock; 
3. beer and drinks are excisable cargoes, in connection with which there are special requirements for transit countries; 
4. There are special requirements for transit depots; 
5. need to prevent theft, especially when reloading products - insurance of cargo.

Years of experience in arranging transportation of small shipments from different suppliers by consolidating in assorted cars, allowed the company's employees LLP TGS2000 "to devise a special scheme of fixing the fragile cargo in cars and offer best option transportation of beer and beverages from Europe to Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.

This type of transport as the transport of cargos on the railway, makes possible the transportation of beer and beverages from different manufacturers or suppliers in Europe. Allows you to store the goods at the border station in Poland, followed by transportation in the same carriage to one consignee in Kazakhstan or other countries of Central Asia. This allows the recipient of the goods to expand the assortment of goods, reduce the costs of transportation and storage of beer, free up funds for business development.

Company LLP TGS2000 "provides a full range of services for the transportation of beer in 918 cars:

    • free advice on all matters of transportation of beer;
    • vehicle or container supply for loading at the warehouse of the sender in Europe;
    • delivery of cargo by road to the warehouse border station in Poland;
    • transhipment of cargo from trucks to warehousing;
    • temporary storage of cargoes in a warehouse, the consolidation of cargo;
    • packaging of the cargo;
    • compilation of sketches, diagrams and drawings for loading beer and coordination with the railways of all transit countries;
    • development of schemes securing cargo inside the car;
    • wagons supply for loading;
    • registration of required transport documentation;
    • customs clearance;
    • payment of all freight charges and the rates of transit States;
    • cargo insurance;
    • control of overload by independent survey company;
    • tracking the location of the cargo on the whole route;
    • delivery of cargo to the recipient in Kazakhstan or other Central Asian countries.

The main task in general cargo carriage is a clear organization of all phases of transportation of cargo from producers to the final recipient in accordance with the wishes of clients. Groupage cargo can be carried practically anywhere in the world. Isothermal cars flasks (model 918) support the necessary range of temperature on the journey through the insulation of the cargo space, as well as supply of thermal energy during the loading of cargo.

Transportation of beer and beverages in 918 cars has several advantages: 
- Optimal balance between price and quality; 
- Low cost of cargo; 
- Minimal risk of damage of cargo - cars sealed immediately after loading; seals will be removed in the presence of the recipient; 
- Larger capacity of the car then capacity of the truck; 
- A large bandwidth; 
- The time of delivery correspond to the time of finding the car on the way; 
- Developed network of railways can calculate the shortest route to be followed; 
- To provide transportation in almost any climate and weather conditions - the lack of seasonality of traffic; 
- Lack of human factors: the dependence of the security and integrity of cargo from the driver, etc.

The company has the opportunity to consolidate cargo at temporary storage at the border crossings with all the necessary storage conditions for each load. All loading and unloading operations are carried out using special forklifts, cranes and other special equipment, in compliance with all measures to ensure the safety of cargo during loading and unloading and storing cargo warehousing.