Railway transportation

Transport company BILATRIS provides a full range of services in the field of transportation of goods by rail from Europe to Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries and vice versa.

International railway transportation of cargoes to Kazakhstan

Transport company 'TGS 2000' provides international railway cargo transportation from Europe to Kazakhstan in wagons and containers. The company provides a full range of logistic services: 
- Advising on the organization of transportation 
- Development of optimal schemes of cargo transportation 
- Operational calculation of tariffs and supplementary duties (security, insurance and others) 
- Submission of the necessary types of carriages 
- Transshipment of narrow-gauge wagons or cars in the broad-gauge wagons on the Polish-Belarusian border 
- Tracking of cargo in transit 
- Provision of timely information on the whereabouts of the cargo.

Departments of BelsysGroup holding, part of which is the company 'TGS 2000', in Russia, Belarus, Latvia and Poland, provides rail transportation in these countries at the lowest rates. Transportation of cargoes from other countries carry out our company partners.

The presence of our staff at the terminal in Brest ensures rapid and qualitative transshipment on the Polish-Belarusian border. This is possible both as full railway carriage with transshipment in the broad-gauge wagons, and as multimodal transport with transshipment from trucks in wagons.

Cargo shipped to Kazakhstan from Europe by rail, cover the entire range of: building and decoration materials, paint products, equipment and machinery, food and alcohol, consumer goods, transportation of household appliances, transportation of frozen food, transportation of feed, transportation of hygiene products.